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DWsurvey 3.6.2 - May 2009

  • Bug fix - Installation could sometimes fail on templatesdefault data importing

DWsurvey 3.6.1 - April 2009

  • Bug fix - Editing surveys under the MySQLi library could prevent all questions and options from showing due to incorrect library function calls

DWsurvey 3.6 - October 2008

  • New feature - Bulk email all participants, participated users or users that have not participated yet from the Manage Surveys section. Email contains a unique link to automatically log that user into their restricted survey preventing the need to send out a username and password individually to them
  • New feature - Filter the Manage Surveys page by restricted surveys
  • Code change - Cleaned up the layout of the Manage Surveys page if a survey title is long
  • Code change - Modified footer default template to automatically update the copyright year
  • Bug fix - Adding stock answers to existing stock groups could cause SQL errors
  • Bug fix - Javascript error when changing filter on the Manage Surveys page preventing automatic filtering
  • Bug fix - Filtering users by survey failed if the database prefix was defined

DWsurvey 3.5.2 - February 2008

  • Bug fix - Creating a question with stock answers could add more stocks than requested

DWsurvey 3.5.1 - February 2008

  • Bug fix - Verision 3.5 re-write to installer missed out a key row in the database. Upgrade versions to 3.5 were unaffected

DWsurvey 3.5 - February 2008

  • New feature - Survey management allows quick views of all surveys available and filtering by specific survey types of whether responses have been made to a survey
  • New feature - New global navigation bar for editing across link generator, edit, groups, pages and settings for ease of use
  • New feature - Survey creation interface enhanced to make it easier to use and understand
  • New feature - Stock answer groups can now be created. Often on multiple choice questions it is necessary to have the same answers available for multiple questions, with stock answers you can create pre-defined groups of answers to re-use for any multiple choice question
  • New feature - Focus given to option title when adding a multiple choice entry options so details can be entered with speed
  • New feature - Pages and groups can now be created at question entry time
  • New feature - New page watermark link generation type
  • New feature - New question type: rating, shows a star type rating graphic system from 0 stars to 5 stars
  • New feature - New question type: date and time question type
  • New feature - New question type: matrix style questions for single and multiple answers. These type of questions are not currently supported by embedded AJAX surveys
  • New feature - New question explanation when creating a new question
  • Feature change - Editing and deleting survey navigation options consolidated into one link
  • Feature change - UsePear config variable removed as Pear support is now automatically detected for Excel exports
  • Feature change - Switched to using base64 XSF format for lower file sizes
  • Feature change - Date question type now switched to using select boxes for month and day
  • Feature change - Setup process re-written. ionCube is no longer required to initialize the database
  • Template change - Edited default header and headtag templates. Revert required if you wish to use new rating question types
  • Template change - surveyindex and surveylist updated for a slight modification of the default template look and feel
  • Bug fix - Image missing for generating a survey link by image type
  • Bug fix - Multipage and logical surveys did not work over AJAX
  • Bug fix - If a global user has already participated in a restricted survey they will not be able to participate in other restricted surveys
  • Bug fix - Managing users without a filter and using a DB Prefix setting could cause a MySQL error
  • Bug fix - CDATA added to XSF and XML description tag exports
  • Bug fix - Carriage returns in descriptions and responses on CSV export could cause export errors
  • Bug fix - Date question types always returned as not having been answered when set to required or survey set to require all question answered
  • Bug fix - Multiple choice, multiple response questions did not store when used as an AJAX embeddable link
  • Bug fix - Changing export type without refreshing the screen did not re-enable the generate export submit button

DWsurvey 3.4.1 - August 2007

  • Bug fix - Saving multiple answer / multiple choice questions with a DB Prefix of anything other than blank caused a SQL error

DWsurvey 3.4 - May 2007
+=+=+= IMPORTANT: If upgrading from 3.3.x or below you must change the $dbprefix variable to an empty string +=+=+=

  • New feature - Database table prefix can now be set from the config file
  • New feature - Surveys can now be embedded into an existing website and participate using AJAX technologies. Use the link generator in the admin area to get the code
  • New feature - Generate a link to survey using a wizard interface
  • New feature - RSS 2.0 feed of available surveys. Revert recommended of listtitle and headtag templates to add this feature to your templates
  • New feature - Ability to add or edit administrators from the manage users page
  • New feature - Survey type descriptions added to the create survey page
  • Bug fix - If a survey had been submitted using cookie validation and this setting was turned off, users that had participated would still have been denied resubmitting the survey

DWsurvey 3.3.4 - March 2007

  • Bug fix - Response date field missing from XSF export generation

DWsurvey 3.3.3 - March 2007

  • New feature - Export in XSF format. A new format created especially for DWsurvey Analyser, a Windows application to review and generate reports for DWsurvey surveys (
  • Bug fix - Deleting template from templatesets table causes SQL error due to typo
  • Bug fix - Clicking on main menu logo caused login screen to appear if session.trans_sid is disabled in php.ini
  • Bug fix - Clicking on main menu change password link caused login screen to appear if session.trans_sid is disabled in php.ini
  • Bug fix - Clicking on main menu logout link did not kill session if session.trans_sid is disabled in php.ini

DWsurvey 3.3.2 - August 2006

  • New feature - Session cache limiter now a configuration option in This only applies to the public survey area and not to the administration area
  • Code change - Truetype library detection added to options area for use with the libchart settings
  • Bug fix - Checkbox type questions in Logical surveys caused survey to go to end rather than the next question
  • Bug fix - Possible register_globals off issue causing user id's of protected surveys to get lost when submitting survey
  • Bug fix - Cookie checking in survey.php still checked if the client browser could accept cookies even if cookie validation was disabled for that survey
  • Bug fix - HTML img tag missing quotation mark in image display for a question
  • Bug fix - If session.trans_sid is disabled, deleting users using the list page is not possible
  • Bug fix - New installations of DWsurvey caused thankyou template to not allow users to view results to surveys once submitted

DWsurvey 3.3.1 - March 2006

  • New feature - Exports can now be generated in the background and saved to the server, preventing PHP timeouts (usually 30 seconds). To achieve this you must specify the path to the PHP CLI which is usually just 'php', '/usr/bin/php' or 'c:\php\php.exe'. You must also make the reports directory writable and have PHP safe mode disabled.
  • Code change - Some 'by user' exports can cause PHP to time out due to the level of data being exported. The ability to split the export into multiple files has been produced
  • Bug fix - Missing bar chart image from public results display
  • Bug fix - Public result display ignores libchart setting in options
  • Bug fix - display_bar2.php sometimes causes an imagedestroy() function error
  • Bug fix - <base> tag in administration area menu moved to header to prevent Internet Explorer 7 problems
  • Bug fix - Username CSV export issue with invalid characters

DWsurvey 3.3 - January 2006

  • New feature - Delete users option available from manage users area
  • New feature - Clear down all results from a survey from the results by user area
  • New feature - Allow users to view the results to a survey after they have submitted it. You can specify which questions you want shown. Please remember your responsibility to data protection laws
  • New feature - Change administrator password from administration area
  • New feature - Insert an illustrative image to a question. These can be managed and uploaded through the 'Manage Files' link on the left hand navigation bar
  • New feature - Insert an illustrative image to question options
  • New feature - GIF support added to generated charts
  • New feature - Gif, Jpeg and Png image tests added to options page next to image type selection
  • New feature - Template modification times are now logged and shown. You can now also view the original template and revert back to the original if you make a mistake
  • New feature - Logout added to administration area
  • New feature - Alternative graphing method for reports configurable from the options. This uses the LGPL libchart library which has been modifed. Full source available from the ./admin/3rdparty/chart/ directory
  • Code change - Export file names modifed to include export date
  • Code change - New icon graphics added to administration pages
  • Code change - Error message added to PDF generation page is the /tmp directory within the DWsurvey admin directory is not writable
  • Code change - ionCube loaders updated to latest version for Windows and Linux (32bit). OSX support added for PHP 4.2.x and 4.4.x
  • Code change - Added username and users name to csv and excel exports by user
  • Code change - Excel writer library upgraded to version 0.9.0
  • Code change - Shipped ionCube loaders updated and support added for PHP 5.1 loaders
  • Code change - PDF results report added to standard results report menu. New option to choose from summary, full or PDF at survey selection screen
  • Code change - Graphics added to survey creation screen to make it easier to use
  • Bug fix - Excel export by question bug caused columns higher than AA to incorrectly calculate totals and percentages
  • Bug fix - Saving PNG charts for PDFs may have caused problems due to incorrect function usage
  • Bug fix - Cache and content-disposition headers added to generated charts to help prevent errors
  • Bug fix - Current template being editing not selected by default due to missnamed variable
  • Bug fix - Numbers on pie chart legend not showing correctly
  • Bug fix - Typo on pages creation screen

DWsurvey 3.2.1- September 2005

  • Code change - ionCube loaders updated to new software version and PHP 4.4.x support added
  • Code change - PDF library updated
  • Bug fix - Typo in SQL statement in PDF generation for survey type 3
  • Bug fix - Single page restricted surveys didn't contain session form variable so login page was presented when submitting the survey
  • Bug fix - Incorrect version number in footer to PDF generated files

DWsurvey 3.2 - June 2005

  • New feature - Turn on or off cookie validation for preventing multiple submissions for each survey
  • New feature - Logical surveys added to allow a user to go to different questions based on the response they give
  • New feature - Custom thank you message independent from templates
  • Code change - Cleaned up survey edit page, settings and questions seperated onto seperate tabs. Pages and group editing merged with editing page (although still available from navigation menu as previously)
  • Code change - Updated ioncube loaders to latest versions and included MacOSX versions
  • Bug fix - Do not display survey on listing page if it does not have a title or any questions associated with it

DWsurvey 3.1 - November 2004

  • New feature - New administrator's manual available from the Help button on the administration navigation menu
  • New feature - Restrict surveys to global or restricted users requiring usernames and passwords to participate. Users can be imported from CSV files or created individually.
  • New feature - Set an expiry date on surveys so that they can't be participated in after the date set
  • New feature - View results of a poll instantly without voting
  • New feature - Progress bar for multipage surveys
  • New feature - Support for PHP5 and MySQLi
  • New feature - New template added for option seperator
  • New feature - Encoded setup file support for PHP5 using ionCube's PHP5 beta loader software
  • New feature - Existing question options displayed when adding new options
  • Code change - Simplified edit page by hiding main survey settings by default
  • Bug fix - Selected a template to edit, saves it to the current session
  • Bug fix - Changed survey editor question expander to use document.getElementById instead of document.all so non-IE browsers can use collapsing options
  • Bug fix - Questions get lost from a deleted group
  • Bug fix - Force session form variable in survey.php for instances where it doesn't appear even if session_transsid is enabled
  • Bug fix - Quickpoll quotation marks sometimes doubled up causing problems with javascript
  • Bug fix - 'Add new question' button in survey editor went to single page survey question editor rather than multipage question editor
  • Bug fix - Made navigation frame in admin area auto scrolling
  • Bug fix - Default page and group dividers the wrong way around for multi-page surveys for pages 2 and above when editing a survey
  • Bug fix - Page number defaults to page 1 when editing a question
  • Bug fix - Exporting causes login page to be displayed when session_transid is disabled

DWsurvey 3.0.2 - May 2004

  • New feature - Webmaster mode, if enabled, echos the beginning and end of template names in the HTML source
  • Code change - DWsurvey version number taken from config file
  • Code change - Error reporting mode changed
  • Code change - Black borders added to pie slices in Pie charts
  • Bug fix - Page id lost on saving changes to a page if register_globals is disabled
  • Bug fix - If questions are required in multi-page surveys error only displayed on last page and not previous pages
  • Bug fix - Due to a possible bug in PHP 4.3.6 the PIE chart ARC command has been re-written to replace ImageFillToBorder() with ImageFilledArc()

DWsurvey 3.0.1 - April 2004

  • Code change - Quick polls can now be called from any URL. Note you will need to edit your templates if they contain graphics to give an http path to them. The DWsurvey default templates do NOT do this automatically.
  • Code change - New setting created for Survey URL, to be used for Quick polls
  • Bug fix - Register globals error when editing questions
  • Bug fix - Register globals error when viewing a quick poll demo
  • Bug fix - Register globals error for code sample when editing survey
  • Bug fix - When two or more groups are displayed on a survey page all but the last didn't close properly
  • Bug fix - Survey index alignment issues in Mozilla and Opera fixed
  • Bug fix - Question box alignment issues in Mozilla and Opera fixed

Version 3.0 - March 2004

  • New feature - Multi-page surveys
  • New feature - Create surveys based on an existing survey. Questions, groups and pages all copied into the new survey
  • New feature - Multiple templates. Allow different templates for each survey
  • New feature - New published status of 'Published - but hidden from survey list'
  • New feature - Delete individual user responses
  • New feature - Cookie name can now be set from the Config file
  • New feature - Desciptions allowed for questions
  • New feature - Option to permanently display the legend for the charts (solution for long options in questions)
  • Code change - Default template overhauled
  • Code change - admin/index.php code optimised
  • Code change - survey.php and submit.php overhauled
  • Code change - Administration area now managed using PHP sessions
  • Code change - Moved CSS file to templates
  • Code change - FPDF library sync'd to version 1.5.2
  • Code change - OLE library sync'd to version 0.5
  • Code change - Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer library sync'd to version 0.7
  • Bug fix - Prevent users pressing refresh to submit survey again on 'success' screen
  • Bug fix - If you delete participated surveys a blank ' Surveys you have participated in' title is displayed. Now adds a 'none available' below
  • Bug fix - Submission bug that caused cookie to be set even if errors were displayed

Version 2.2.1 - January 2004

  • Bug fix - If survey.php is called without surveyid in the query string a SQL error is generated
  • Bug fix - QuickPoll form action incorrect
  • Bug fix - Editing a quickpoll might not submit due to an extra <form></form> set of tags
  • Bug fix - Incorrect file size in export.php caused a malformed XML export
  • Bug fix - Missing image in PDF generation
  • Bug fix - Order of quickpoll results not the same as that for the questions fixed

Version 2.2 - December 2003

  • New feature - Optionally have individual results emailed to an administrator every time someone responds to a survey. These setting are controlled from the 'options' section in the admin area
  • New feature - Export now supports full Microsoft Excel format. This requires the PHP Pear libraries to be installed with PHP. We can't detect this automatically but it is most likely to be enabled on PHP 4.1.x or higher
  • Code change - Some of the directories have been reorganised including the location of the setup and config scripts
  • Bug fix - Results by user displayed incorrect date calculation

Version 2.1 - November 2003

  • New feature - QuickPolls allow you to create single multiple choice polls which can be included on any page via a simple javascript routine
  • New feature - A default survey is now included with DWsurvey (new installations only) which will allow users to browse all of the features before creating their own
  • New feature - Exporting data can now be performed by sorting by questions or sorting by users
  • New feature - Ability to group questions together into sections
  • Code change - Made radio the default question type when adding a question instead of free text
  • Code change - Layout of admin area overhauled
  • Bug fix - If additional question is added and 'require answers to all questions' is enabled the 'require answers to this question' option is still displayed
  • Bug fix - Stripslashes added to survey <title>
  • Bug fix - Extra semi-colon in a SQL statement caused setup.php to fail
  • Bug fix - When selecting surveys in the admin area, redirects are now automated via JavaScript (in addition to manual form submissions)
  • Bug fix - Link to Adobe Acrobat download page included on PDF results generation page
  • Bug fix - You can now turn on or off default options
  • Bug fix - Added an order by to editing templates
  • Bug fix - Moved the rest of publicly displayed text to the databased templates
  • Bug fix - When adding new questions to an existing survey there was no link back to the edit page

Version 2.0 - June 2003

  • Functionality change - Reports amended so if option titles are too long they are seperated into a legend.
  • Functionality change - Survey editing re-written to make it easier to use and understand
  • New feature - Summary of surveys available added to administration main page
  • New feature - New templates available, such as error and thank you messages
  • New feature - New date type field
  • Bug fix - minor layout changes made to PDF export
  • Bug fix - survey.php - did not correctly identify the default survey if none was parsed via the query string
  • Bug fix - deleting a question now also deletes the options from the database as they are redundant

Version 1.4 - May 2003

  • New feature - ./admin/results_pdf.php, ./admin/, ./admin/results.php, ./admin/display_pie.php, ./admin/display_bar.php - Now generate reports as a PDF file (if Zlib and JPEG libraries are installed). display_bar and display_pie changed to allow use as a PHP include as well as direct from the browser.
  • Bug fix - ./admin/results.php - problem solved that caused all graphs to default to JPEG format regardless of the setting in options
  • Code change - ./test/phpversion.php - now detects zlib libraries as well for PDF generation.

Version 1.3 - May 2003

  • New feature - ./admin/create.php, ./admin/edit.php, ./admin/edit_value.php, ./survey.php, ./submit.php - now require answers to individual questions as well as all questions.
  • Bug fix - ./admin/display_pie.php - fix to intermittently occuring bug with pie charts where a colour from a 0% result fills the background colour as well. Problem solved by sorting the values by % rather than title
  • Bug fix - ./admin/display_bar.php - x axis titles set to small font size and cut at 11 characters so they do not overlap with each other.

Version 1.2 - April 2003

  • New feature - ./admin/export.php - allows exporting of survey results in either XML or CSV format for use in other applications

Version 1.1 - April 2003

  • Bug fix - ./admin/edit_value.php - editing the title sometimes caused the wrong question to be edited
  • Bug fix - ./admin/results.php - prevent a broken graph from appearing if no responses have been submitted for that question
  • Addition - ./admin/results.php - total number of responses added to the summary details of the survey
  • No database changes made - simple file replace

Version 1.0 - April 2003

  • First public release


If you come across any bugs or have any suggestions on how to make DWodp better then please feel free to contact us at

Known issues

  • Order of options in questions cannot be altered through the control panel. You can change option order through the database directly. We are working on this for a future version






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