Uploading DWsurvey your web server

Uploading the DWsurvey files to your web server can be done through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Windows® has a built-in FTP system, however most people tend to use third-party FTP software. For our descriptions below we will be using WS_FTP Professional.

The easiest way to upload DWsurvey is to copy the entire dwsurvey directory from your computer to your web server.

You will need to find on the left hand pane of WS_FTP, the dwsurvey directory you extracted and single click on it until it is selected. Then navigate on the right hand side (this is your webserver) to the directory you wish to upload DWsurvey to. Then click on the arrow pointing to the right to upload the directory.

Most FTP software will transfer the files in the correct way, however sometimes you may need to tell the FTP software to upload certain files in BINARY format and some in ASCII format.

If that is the case then upload the following file types in BINARY format

Upload the following file types in ASCII format


Depending upon the speed of your internet connection, uploading all the files could take several minutes to complete. Once the upload has complete you should now see a folder on your web server called dwsurvey.

You can now rename the dwsurvey folder to something else, if you wish, such as surveys.

If you intend to use PDF report generation or upload images for use in survey questions or answers, then you will need to change the permissions of the tmp directory located in the admin directory of your DWsurvey installation. This directory is used to temporarily create images for use in the PDF file. You will need to change the permissions to allow world write permissions. On Unix/Linux this is done using the command chmod 757 tmp.