Managing Pages

In surveys you can split group of questions into different pages. For instance if you had a survey with three sections that may be too long to display on a single page you may decide to split thrm on to three different pages. However with the power of DWsurvey you can mix and match between groups and surveys. For example if the first two sections are short you might decide to put them both on one page and use groups to split them. You might then put the third section on a second page.

To create a page you go to the Pages option on the left hand navigation menu and select Create Page.

You will be asked to select a survey to add a page to (you can only select from existing multi-page surveys here), then simply give the title and description of the new page.

To edit or delete a page from a survey go to the Pages option on the left hand navigation menu and select Edit/Delete Page. You select the survey you wish to manage the pages for.

From the pages editor you can edit each page individually or delete them. Questions from the deleted page will automatically be added to the default page (i.e. Page 1). You can also change the order in which they are displayed by changing the value in the Order box and clicking on the Update Page Order button at the bottom. The lower the number, the sooner a page is displayed in the survey.