Configuring the DWsurvey options

To change the settings of DWsurvey go to the Options groups on the navigation menu and select Options.

Site Name

This is the title you wish to give your DWsurvey site, this is displayed in the <title> tag of the main site.

Path to the survey directory

The path is the http:// URL address to your main DWsurvey directory. The installation process will have tried to work this out for you, however if it is incorrect change it here.

Use Survey List

The survey list page is an index of all Published surveys on the system and any surveys the user has already participated in. If this option is disabled and the user calls the main survey page they will be automatically redirected to the survey selected from the Default Survey option.

Default Survey

This is the default survey to be displayed if someone calls survey.php without a survey id in the query string or Use Survey List is disabled in the options.

Default Template

DWsurvey can have multiple templates, and each survey can have it's own template assigned to it. However the default template is the template used for the survey list page and for any surveys that haven't had an alternate template assigned to them.

Email Results

You as the administrator can opt to have a results report emailed to you automatically whenever someone submits a response to a survey. If you enable this option you must fill in a value for Administrator's Email Address.

Administrator's Email Address This setting is used in conjunction with Email Results option.
Image Type When DWsurvey generates charts for reporting the results of your surveys, it can do so either using the PNG image format, JPEG or GIF. If you don't have PNG installed with your PHP installation then you might be able to use JPEG or GIF instead. This option will also attempt to generate an image in each of the formats to see which ones are supported.
Chart Type When you create a single option question (that is the participant in a survey can only select one answer from a selection or multiple choices) you can display the results to that question either in a Pie Chart or as a Histogram.
Cookie Validation Enable or disable cookie validation. When enabled a cookie is placed on the users system preventing them from re-submitting an already submitted survey.
Use Permanent Legend This option forces a legend on to Pie charts and Histograms in the reports section, otherwise a legend is only created when the option title is too long to display in the chart
Webmaster Mode This setting is to help you customise the templates in DWsurvey. To help you work out which template goes where you can turn this option on and the the HTML source code to the survey public page you will see hidden comment tags informing you of where a certain template started and also where it ended.