Navigating the administration area

Once you have logged in you will see the administration area main page. This allows you to control almost every aspect of DWsurvey.

The left hand side of the screen contains the navigation menu, and the right hand side quick links to edit a survey, view it's results and some other useful information, such as if there is a newer version of DWsurvey available for you to download.

The navigation menu is grouped into distinct areas. The most commonly used are expanded automatically and the less commonly used are collased. To expand a menu simply clock on the down arrow to the right hand side of it's title and to collapse click on the up arrow.

Options Menu

The options section has four areas

  1. Options - This allows you to change the configuration settings of DWsurvey
  2. Edit Templates - DWsurvey's public interface is driven by a series of templates stored in the database. These can be modifed, new template sets created and even a different template set for each survey
  3. Manage Files - This allows you to upload images, PNG, JPG or GIF formats, to the database so that you can use them to illustrate questions or answers to questions
  4. Help - This is a copy of the administrator's manual that you are reading now

Surveys Menu

The surveys section has three areas

  1. Create a survey - To create a new survey, whether it be single page, multipage, logical or a poll you do so through this menu option
  2. Survey Management - If you have already created some surveys you can edit it's properies, create new questions and options for questions through here. You can also delete surveys from this link.
  3. Link Generator - This option lets you generate links, graphics and embedded surveys to add to your websites or via email.

Stock Answers Menu

Stock answers are pre-defined answers to questions such as 'rate one to five' or 'strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree' but you can reuse these options on multiple questions without having to re-enter them every time

  1. Create Stock Answers - Add a new stock answer group
  2. Manage Stock Answers - You can edit or delete stock answers

Groups Menu

We should first explain what we mean by groups. A page in a survey consists of groups of questions, that is you can put questions together into small groups to make it easier to display. Groups can also have small descriptions of what there are about

  1. Create Group - Add a new group to a specific survey
  2. Edit/Delete Group - You can edit the details of a group or remove it from the system completely

Pages Menu

DWsurvey allows you to split surveys into pages, you can create new pages or manage them from here.

  1. Create Page - Add a new page to a specific survey
  2. Edit/Delete Page - You can edit the details of a page or remove it from the system completely

Analysis Menu

Creating surveys is one thing, but without being able to look at the results in a meaningful way doesn't make them much of a use. The analysis options let you view the results to your surveys in varying ways.

  1. Results report - This collates and displays the results from individual surveys. Fixed response questions, that is ones where a user has to select from a series of pre-determined answers, are displayed in graphical format. Results can also be output in Adobe® Acrobat®'s PDF format
  2. Results by user - You can view the results given by an individual user to a specific survey and see how they voted. From here you can also clear down the results for a survey
  3. Export results - If you want to make use of your results using other software you can export your data in XML (eXtensible Markup Language), CSV (Comma Seperated Values), XSF (DWsurvey Analyser format) or XLS (Microsoft® Excel® format). You can also export the results by question or by user.

Users Menu

When you create a survey you can restricted them to certain groups of people. This section allows you to manage those groups of people.

  1. Create a user - Add a single user to the system and define their permissions.
  2. Import users - You can import a long list of users from a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) file which can be generated from your spreadsheet software
  3. Manage users - Here you can edit individual users, see which users have access to which surveys and also which surveys a user has participated in and when
  4. Change my password - This allows you to change your own password to the administration area to something new
  5. Logout - Logs you out from the administration area