Managing your users

There are three types of user in DWsurvey:

1. Guests. These users can participate in open surveys, no details other than their IP address are known about them unless you ask for it as part of the survey.
2. Global Users. These users can participate in all open surveys and all restricted surveys.
3. Restricted Users. These users can participate in all open surveys and restricted surveys to which they have explicitly been given permission.

From the manage users section you can only manage details for global and resticted users.

To manage users go to Users group on the left hand navigation bar and select Manage users.

You will see a table containing all of the users in your database with their usernamen, name, user type, how many surveys they have participated in and the date of the last time they participated in a survey. From this screen you can also use the filter by drop down list to only display Restricted users that have access to a particular survey.

To edit a user, or see the surveys they have participated in, click on their username.

This will display a screen nearly identical to that as creating an individual user. You can add or remove permissions to individual surveys or make them a global user.

In DWsurvey you cannot actually delete users, except by directly editing the database, however you can disable a user by making them a restricted user and not giving them permission to access any surveys. You can also delete a users individual response to a survey which we will come on to in a moment.

Below the edit user section is an area called User has participated in the following surveys with a list of surveys in date order in which this user has submitted a response. To view those responses click on the survey name.

This takes you to the results by user page. You can delete the response by this user for this survey by click on the delete button at the top of the page on this screen.