Creating a user

There are three types of user in DWsurvey:

1. Guests. These users can participate in open surveys, no details other than their IP address are known about them unless you ask for it as part of the survey.
2. Global Users. These users can participate in all open surveys and all restricted surveys.
3. Restricted Users. These users can participate in all open surveys and restricted surveys to which they have explicitly been given permission.

To create global users and resticted users we can do so either individually or by importing a CSV file of user details.

To import users we first need to get them into a CSV file format. We actually only need the username and password from the CSV file to create the user but you may also like to add their name and email address.

To create a CSV file from Microsoft® Excel® for example take your spreadsheet.

Go to the File menu and select Save As.

From the save as dialog box that appears you will need to change the Save as type option to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) format, give the File name and press Save.

Now in the DWsurvey administration area go to Analysis group on the left hand navigation bar and select Import users.

Click on the Browse... button next to Your CSV file and select the CSV file you just created. In the example above the first line of the file contained something called header information, that is descriptive text to explain the contents of each column, yet do not actually contain values themselves. If this is the case with your file you should tick the First line contains header information checkbox. After that select whether your users should be global users or restricted users and then what surveys they have permission to access.

Click on the Import CSV users file button.

The next screen will ask you to map the columns from your CSV file to data values in the DWsurvey users table. It will try to map them automatically but if it can't it will ask you to make a selection.

From the drop down list select which column in your CSV should match which user information details. In the example above we are selecting the CSV column User's Name to match the DWsurvey user's table column Name. Once you have mapped your fields click on Finish Importing Users.

Restricted surveys can be seen on the main survey list, but are identified by a small padlock icon.