Editing a survey survey

Editing surveys of all types can be edited all from the same location. You can edit the survey settings, pages, groups, questions and options.

To edit your survey go to surveys on the left hand navigation menu and select Edit a Survey.

From the next page, select the survey you wish to edit from the list. The screen should automatically take you to the editing screen, but if it doesn't click on the Edit Survey button.

The edit is split into tabs at the top of the screen. The first tab, and default screen is for editing the questions. The second is survey settings, third (if applicable) for editing pages (note you cannot add pages until you ask to add a new question) and fourth (if applicable) editing groups.

We will actually cover the second tab first, for Settings. Click on the tab to bring up the settings screen.


The settings here are identical as those for creating a survey, except the details have been automatically filled in for you. After you make any changes you wish to make simply click on the Update Survey details and question order button. There is on additional option here, to edit messages. The only one here so far is the 'Thank you' message. This is in fact a template but a template completely seperate from the template manager, and specific to this survey. If one isn't set the default will be used.

The Questions tab is where we edit the pages, groups and questions of the survey itself.

For single page surveys, polls and logical surveys you won't see any pages displayed. For this example we will be editing a multi-page survey.

The first listing is always Default Page and the top group of any page is always Default Group. These default pages and groups are catch-all areas, for instance if you delete a page but it still has questions assigned to it, those questions will be placed in the default page instead until you delete them individually.

To edit a page click on the Edit Page button and you'll be taken to the pages editor. See the pages section for more information.

To edit a group click on the Edit Group button and you'll be taken to the group editor. See the groups section for more information. Groups can be hidden from the public view and thus just used for your own use, perhaps to make editing or reporting clearer.

For simplicity all pages in the survey are displayed on the one editing screen and a seperated by page dividers in grey. Groups within the pages are seperated by green/blue dividers.

To edit a question you can click on the Edit icon, and to delete, the Delete icon.

The edit button take you to the editing page for the settings of that question. From here you can also change the page and/or groups that a question sits in. Note you cannot change the type of question from the editor, i.e. you cannot change a multiple choice question to a free text entry question. To do this you must delete the old question and add a new one.

For multiple choice questions or drop down selection boxes you will see a small + icon to the left of the question title.

If you click on this icon, the question will expand to show the possible answers (options) available for that question. The + icon changes to a - icon and if you click on that the question contracts again.

You can edit an option or delete it in the same way you do for a question, but click on the the Edit or Delete button to the right hand side of each option.

If you wish to add a new option to that question, at the far right hand side of the last option for that question, is an Add a new option button. If you click on that you will be taken to the new option area, identical to that used for creating the original options when you created the survey.

Questions within a group are also assigned a priority or order. This tells DWsurvey which order to display those questions in, when displaying it's group. These priorities are seen just before the Edit button of a question and they contain a number. The lower the number, the higher up the question will be displayed in the group. Note each group's number is independent to that if another group, this means you can start at number one again on a new group.

If you have changed the priorities you MUST click on the Update Survey details and question order button at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to add a new question to a survey, simply click on the Add a new question button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to add a new question in exactly the same way as you did when creating your survey originally.