Downloading DWsurvey

Once you have received your account details by email, the first thing you will need to do is download the latest version of the DWsurvey software package.

From the main Dominion Web website, click on the 'Members' option and login using the username and password sent to you in your activation email.

Once you are logged into the Members Download Area you will need to look in the section titled Your Licenses. You will see a product listed called DWsurvey and a Download link. Click on the Download link.

You will now be given a choice of .zip, .tar.gz file formats or an automated Windows installer in .exe format. Choose whichever format you prefer, click on the I read, understand and agree to the license agreement checkbox and hit the Download Now button.

The download file format allows you to choose the compression format of the software you are about to download. Most people will want to download the .zip package as Windows® has in-built support for zip files (or there are many other free software products available for Zip files). If you are downloading the software directly to a Linux server or you are using Linux as your desktop you may prefer to use the tarball (.tar.gz) format.

The automated Windows installer is designed as an easy way to install, configure and initalize the database for DWsurvey. It is for downloading to Windows based PCs but it can be used to install DWsurvey on either the same computer or remote servers (that can be running any operating system from Linux to OSX).

A download prompt will now appear asking you to open or save the file. You want to save it to somewhere on your system where you can find it later.

The download file will downloaded and saved to the directory you selected.

If you have downloaded the Windows installer go to the installer help page otherwise keep following the instuctions below.

Now that you have downloaded the software you will need to extract it to a directory on your computer. Windows® XP has built in support for decompressing .zip files.

To decompress and extract the files from the .zip file, open the folder you downloaded the .zip file to using My Computer. Right click on the icon for the .zip file and select Extract All.

You will be guided through the extraction process using on screen dialogs.

Once you have extracted the file you will find that the process has created a new folder called dwsurvey. This folder contains all the files you need to upload to your server for DWsurvey to work. Before you upload these files, however, you will, for new installations, need to edit the file located in the includes directory.