Creating a single page survey

Before beginning to put together your survey using DWsurvey you should have an idea of layout of pages, groups and the order of your questions. If you create your survey in the order in which you want to display it, it means you won't have to edit it later on.

To create a single page survey go to surveys on the left hand navigation menu and select Create a Survey.

The first page for creating a survey gives you the choice of survey to create and whether this is a completely new survey of if you would like to base it on an existing survey in the system. If you select based on survey then it will take a carbon copy of the selected existing survey and simply go off and create it with a new name. For this example we can leave it selected at new survey and click on the Create button.

You will now be asked for the main survey details.

Once you have selected the settings you want for your new survey, click on the Create button.

You will now be asked to enter your first question. You must enter at least one question for a survey to be of any use.

To select an illustrative image you can click on the Select an image button. A pop-up window will appear with your image gallery displayed .

To select an image, click on the highlighted row and the window will close. If you are using Mozilla you should make sure that the last option you pick when adding a question is the image, because Mozilla submits the form to create the question on closing the Window.

The image will now be displayed on the question add form, if you wish to remove it again simply click on the Remove image button.

Once you have selected the settings you want for your new question, click on the Add question button.

If you have selected a free text entry, free text entry (multiple line) or date question type the question has now been added and you can click the link to add another question if you so desire. If you selected one of the other types you will now be asked to add the possible answers (options) to that question. You can also select an illustrative image for each option for multiple choice questions. This is done in the same way as above.

The option title is simple the possible answer that a user can select. For example in the description of a Multiple choice button (one answer allowed) question above you can see 'Possible answer 1' and 'Possible answer 2'. This is the title field.

The default option setting decides if this possible answer (option) is selected by default. You do not have to select a default option for a question if you do not want one. Click on the Add option button to create the option.

Once you have added the option you can either add another option or proceed to create another new question.

Simply repeat the process of creating questions for as many questions in as many groups as you require.

Creating a multi page survey

For the vast majority of creating a multi-page survey it is the same as creating a single page survey except you select a multi-page survey from the intial create page instead of single page survey.

The only other difference is when adding questions, there is an additional option for selecting the page. See the pages section for details on creating and managing pages.

Creating a logical survey

Creating a logical survey is slightly more complicated than for the other types available in DWsurvey. However to add all of the questions you would follow the proceedure for single page surveys, except the option to make a question required is disabled (as all questions are required. tip: if you want to allow a no answer, create an option for the question called something like 'not applicable' and make it the default answer). Select logical survey from the drop down list, under create survey.

Here you will notice that the options to make a question require and designate a page or group are disabled. This is because in logical surveys only have one question per page and the pages are dynamically assigned based on the user's answer.

The next step, however is what is different to all the other survey type. Once you have finished adding all of your questions you will be prompted to edit the survey to add the logical definitions. You can also get to this via the standard Edit Survey link on the left hand navigation menu.

From each question (or in the case of multiple choice questions, each question option) you will have a corresponding drop down list to it's right hand side. This is the next question that will be asked if the user gives that answer or once they fill out the text entry. To finish the survey select the 'End of survey' option and when the user reaches that question they will have have finished the survey as soon as they have answered it.

Once you have set your logical definitions, click on the update button at the bottom of the page.

Creating a quickpoll

For the most part a quick poll is a single page survey that is only allowed a single group, a single question and an answer to the question is required.

Follow the instructions for a single page survey, but selecting quickpoll from the first create page.

When you have added at least one possible answer (option) to the quickpoll question you will be given a bit of code you can use to copy and paste into your main website source code in order to display a quickpoll anywhere on your site.

Please note, quickpolls use cookies (small text files on your computer). For this reason quickpoll.php file that you call for the quickpoll MUST be on the same domain name as the website you will display the quickpoll on, otherwise the cookie may be blocked by some web browsers such as Internet Explorer.

The finished quickpoll will look like this:

Once they vote or click on the results link the participant will see this: