Editing the configuration file

Before you can upload DWsurvey to your web server you will need to edit the file config.inc.php located in the includes directory. The config.inc.php file tells DWsurvey how to communicate with your MySQL® database.

If you are using the Installer you can do this step through the installers, in built text editor and it will update the configuration file for you (and you can actually modify the config file at anytime simply by re-running the installer)

To edit config.inc.php file you'll need to do so using a text editor such as Windows® WordPad or a PHP compliant editor such as Macromedia® Dreamweaver®.

Most of the DWsurveys settings can be changed via the online administration area. The configuration file only contains the settings where it is not practical or impossible to include them in the administration area.

Once you have have finished editing your config.inc.php file you should save it and now you can upload the DWsurvey files to your web server.