Creating a user

There are three types of user in DWsurvey:

1. Guests. These users can participate in open surveys, no details other than their IP address are known about them unless you ask for it as part of the survey.
2. Global Users. These users can participate in all open surveys and all restricted surveys.
3. Restricted Users. These users can participate in all open surveys and restricted surveys to which they have explicitly been given permission.

To create global users and resticted users we can do so either individually or by importing a CSV file of user details

To add a single user go to the Users section on the left hand menu bar and selecting Create a User.

To add a new user there are three fields you MUST complete and two optional.

Username This is the username this user will require to be able to logon to participate in this survey
Password This is the password associated with the username you have given the user
User Permissions Here you select whether you wish to create a global or restricted user. If you select restricted user, you must select at least on survey to which they have permission to participate. You can select more by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on additional surveys.
Name This is an optional field
Email address This is an optional field

Once you have inserted the information simply click on the Add new user button.

Restricted surveys can be seen on the main survey list, but are identified by a small padlock icon.