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Request a DWmail 7 day trial version

We now offer the option to download a fully functional version of DWmail that can be uploaded and installed on your own web server for testing purposes. Now updated for version 4.2.8. This version is identical in functionality terms to the fully licensed commercial version except for these core differences:

  • This trial can only be used for 7 days
  • This trial can only be used on a single IP address which your trial will only work using
  • This trial is almost entirely encoded using ionCube Encoder
  • You must have PHP's safe mode disabled for the trial to work successfully

How to request a 7 day trial version

  1. Enter your email address, domain name and server IP address in the request form below
  2. Submit the form and we will begin generating your 7 day trial version
  3. An email will be sent to you once your 7 day trial version has been generated
  4. Installing the trial version itself is the same as that for the full version. All PHP files must be uploaded in ASCII format
  5. DWmail can be used for up to 7 days. On the 8th day the trial will stop working. If you move the trial to another IP address or server it will also stop working

You can upgrade from the trial version to the full version simply by uploading all .php files over the trial versions once you have purchased a license

Request trial form

Your email address
You will be notified of how to download via email
Your server IP address
Internal IP addresses such as are not permitted, it must be a public IP address. As we only allow each IP address one trial we can't validate this if internal IP addresses are used. The full version has no such restrictions
Your domain name
The domain name where you intend to test your trial version

We will not use your details other than to generate a trial version nor will we contact you in any other way than to send you details of how to download your trial version, we will not even send you an email reminder when your trial version has expired!






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