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10 reasons to use DWmail10 Reasons to use DWmail

1) Intelligent

DWmail can connect to any POP3 or IMAP4 mail server on the Internet. Through it's intelligent login system, DWmail attempts to automatically detect your mail server details for you.

However DWmail is also powerful enough to allow you to explicitly define all the login information manually as well.

2) MIME compliant

Supports RFC guidelines for Multipart MIME email. Users can read messages sent in multipart/alternative, multipart/mixed, text/html and text/plain formats.

DWmail can also allow you to view HTML emails with embedded (inline) image attachments.

Users can compose messages in MIME HTML or plain text formats.


DWmail contains a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual editor. The editor allows you to visually prepare your email in HTML format. If you want to make text bold, then simply select the text and press the bold button, for example.

4) Calendar

Keep your appointements or reminders your calendar. Span appointments across multiple days and adheres to the user's selected timezone from the preferences


Address Book5) Addressbook

Store your contacts in DWmail. Dynamically insert contacts in the To: Cc: and Bcc: fields when composing, replying for forwarding messages.

Save the details of a sender's email automatically to your addressbook when viewing a message.

Filters6) Filters

When using IMAP email accounts, configure rules for DWmail to automatically scan new messages in you INBOX to delete or move messages based on their content.

Folders7) Folder management

Supports IMAP folders. Manage, create, rename and delete folders from the DWmail interface.

Save sent messages to a sent-mail folder and configure sending deleted messages to a Trash folder before final deletion.

8) Abuse prevention

Prevent people misusing DWmail for forging mail headers or SPAMing by a) restricting the number of recipients for each outgoing email, b) setting a flood check time limit between mail sends, c) send users IP address and mail server in the headers, d) email spoof protection where the email address and the mail server must contain the same domain name

9) Skinable and customisable

From the administrator's point of view, DWmail is entirely skinable through a series of templates. DWmail ships with three templates, original, pda and silver (default). Simple replacement variables inserted into the template files power the interface.

From the users point of view, DWmail contains preferences such as timezone settings, html email viewing behavior and default composing mode.

10) Cross browser and system compliant

DWmail's default templates have been designed to work on the widest range of systems. Also see our screenshots page

Mozilla FireBird 0.6.1 on RedHat Linux
Mozilla FireBird 0.6.1 on RedHat Linux
Safari 1.0 on Mac OSX 10.2
Mozilla FireBird 0.6.1 on Mac OSX 10.2
Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP
Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP






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