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PHP Web-based Email Client • PHP 5 Support • MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server Support

What is DWmail™?: DWmail™ is an 'intelligent' Web based email client written in the scripting language, PHP. DWmail™ allows you and your visitors to access, manage and send email using any POP3 or IMAP4 compliant email account. Simply enter your email address and password to check your email.

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Current Version: 4.2.8 (6th January 2009)


What's new in version 4.2?

New notes storage facility, quota display, EHLO SMTP support, template switching once logged in, enhanced PDA/Lite template and more...

What's new in version 4.2.8?
Export addressbook groups, new iPhone specific template, mobile device detection


DWmail™ is also packed with features such as MIME and HTML based email, attachments, IMAP folders, addressbook, calendar, WYSIWYG editor and much more.

System Requirements

In order to run DWmail™ on your web server you will need to meet some minimum system requirements, find out if your server meets these requirements and downloads some test scripts.

10 Reasons to use DWmail™

Take a look at some of the highlighted features of DWmail™ and why you should switch to using DWmail™ for your web mail client.

Support Knowledgebase

Commonly asked questions about DWmail™ and it's features. Also see sending email through DWmail, behind the scenes.

Administrator's Manual

Learn how to install and customise DWmail™ to meet your needs and preferences.

Demonstration Versions

Want to try DWmail™ out for yourselves? There are currently 4 demo versions of DWmail™ for you to test on our server. Two are standard templates, one customised and one PDA version.

Trial version

You can now request a 7 day free trial version of DWmail™ to test on your own server.


Have questions about the software, how it works and whether you should buy it? Well why not ask us?


Haven't got an IMAP account and want to see what IMAP mode looks like or you want to see what the DWmail™ default templates look like on other systems then take a look here.


Take a look at what changes we have made to DWmail™ over time, including new features and bugfixes.

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