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The ODP database will take between 1-2Gb of database storage. The initial
import of the RDF dumps from the supplied Perl scripts is a time consuming
process (anywhere from 12-24 hours depending on your server) and will run up
a higher than average server load.

You may need up to 4Gb of space for the import process to store both the
RDF files and your database. After installation DWodp pro will use around
2Gb of database storage.

This software is not recommended for virtual or shared hosting or if you
don't have permission from your server owner to install.

  • Unzip the files and place them in their respective directories

  • Upload the contents of the 'install' directory somewhere you have Perl
    execute permissions from the shell. Chmod 755 the .pl files

  • Decide whether you are going to use standard (1), fulltext (2) or title
    only fulltext (3) search mode, The file 'dbi.cgi' in the 'test' directory
    can retrieve your MySQL version for you). If you choose standard mode
    then use dwodp.sql to create your database, otherwise use
    dwodp_fulltext.sql or dwodp_fulltext_title.sql respectively.

  • You may only use the full text modes if you have MySQL version 3.23.23
    or better, however unless you are using MySQL 4.0.1 we strongly recommend
    that you use either standard search mode (1) or title only fulltext
    mode (3). See for
    more information about this issue.

    • PHP 4.x or PHP 5.x with MySQL 3.x, MySQL 4.0 or MySQL 4.1+ (with old password routine)
      You should set $DatabaseType to 'mysql' and you can use either
      the perl or php command line import scripts

    • PHP 5.x with MySQL 4.1+
      You should set $DatabaseType to 'mysqli' and you should use
      the php command line import scripts. If you wish to use the perl
      import scripts you must setup the MySQL user with the OLD_PASSWORD()
      function and use $DatabaseType as 'mysql'.
      MySQLi extension support is EXPERIMENTAL

  • See readme.txt in the 'install' directory for detailed instructions on
    how to import the RDF files to your MySQL database.

  • Once the Perl import scripts from part (d) have completed you will now
    have the entire ODP search engine in your MySQL database.

    Edit the file called '' from the 'includes' directory in
    your favourite text editor, such as Notepad, VI or Pico.

    You will need to configure $SearchFormat to the relevant option,
    1 for standard and 2 for fulltext search. You will also need to
    define your database connection variables in ''

  • In config.php you MUST set:
    $Local_images - the full path to your DWodp images directory
    $FullHTTPPath - the full path to your DWodp directory
    $SearchFormat - the search mode you have installed
    $dbuser - Database username
    $dbpassword - Database password (see note above about MySQL 5.0)
    $database - name of the database your directory in installed in

  • Upload the files to your server using the same directory structures
    as given.

  • Your directory should now work. You may wish to edit the files in the
    'templates' directory to intergrate with your site design






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