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DWdirectory change log

Version 2.1.1 - February 2008

  • Bug fix - Important security hotfix due to sql injection in search script

Version 2.1 - October 2006

  • New feature - You can now define sites in DWdirectory. This allows you to use a single database to create multiple instances of DWdirectory and with different templates if you wish
  • New feature - Edit templates directly from the administration area
  • New feature - Allow a template chooser for each site template
  • New feature - Allow multiple templates to be created
  • New feature - Advanced search by link type: pdf, rss or atom
  • New feature - Change password option in administration area
  • New feature - RSS feed available for each category
  • New feature - Enable or disable XML or RSS feeds from the options
  • New feature - AJAX autocomplete of category names on main administration page
  • Name change - DWodp pro has been renamed to DWdirectory to reflect DWdirectory's ability to act as a standalone directory application
  • Code change - Switched from using catmv.log.gz to redirect.rdf.u8.gz
  • Bug fix - Open in new window not working properly due to HTML error in default template
  • Bug fix - Fixed base tag problem for Internet Explorer 7 in administration area
  • Bug fix - Menu image link did not work with session.trans_sid disabled

Version 2.0.2 - March 2005

  • Bug fix - Security hole in administration area fixed
  • Bug fix - Error reviewing unreviewed sites if session_trans_sid is disabled in PHP.ini
  • Bug fix - Creating new categories gave an id of 0 and thus backup routine failed. You must run the install script to run an upgrade to fix existing categories

Version 2.0.1 - October 2004

  • Bug fix - Count SQL problem when using MySQLi extensions to PHP
  • Bug fix - Corrected some incorrect wording in README.txt
  • Bug fix - Error in install/index.php file caused setup errors if the username and database name were different to each other

Version 2.0 - October 2004

  • New feature - Either use mainpage.tpl or dynamically generate main page as the home page
  • New feature - New content management system to add, edit and delete from the directory
  • New feature - Run DWodp pro as a standalone directory instead of using ODP data
  • New feature - Direction of content added to <body> tag so that languages with a RTL flow now display correctly
  • New feature - Database and intial configuration from a web based installer. ODP import must still be completed from the command line
  • Code change - HTML Code re-written to be largely a XHTML/CSS design. Default public template is now largely XHTML 1.0, CSS and WAI AAA compliant
  • Code change - Many of the options have been moved to the new admin area instead of the file
  • Code change - XML mode switched to using XML schema rather than DTD. The DTD is still available via uncommenting some code in XML.php if required
  • Code change - License ugpraded to version 2.1
  • Bug fix - If a category doesn't have a site count set, the count from the sub category above is displayed instead
  • Bug fix - If a root category is set the ODP attribution doesn't reflect that category on the first page
  • Bug fix - XML DTD fixed

Version 1.5 - June 2004

  • New feature - Import script support for the new PDF, RSS and ATOM link types. Types can be ignored with a -t option to
  • New feature - Import script support for PHP command line interface in addition to the existing Perl scripts
  • New feature - Database support for MySQL 4.1+ new password routine if using php import scripts
  • Code change - Alias links import changed from <Alias> tags to <symbolic> tags as <Alias> tags seem to miss out some sub-categories
  • Code change - Database connection settings for the import process moved to include file, you now only need to edit this one file for all import files
  • Bug fix - Occassional missing sub-category on listings page
  • Bug fix - See-also links fixed, if upgrading you must create the RelatedLinks table but for See-also links to actually work you must perform a re-import
  • Bug fix - Division by zero error fixed in

Version 1.4 - April 2004

  • New feature - New XML format display
  • New feature - Alternative languages added to category listings
  • New feature - Uses the 'display name' field for the category title, if defined
  • New feature - New logical template variables added to templates to give much greater control over look and feel
  • New feature - Advanced search page
  • New feature - Search result summary 'Displaying x to x of xx'
  • New feature - Category search will also run an exact match search in addition to a split keyword search
  • New feature - Minimum Search Keyword size now a configuration variable
  • New feature - Number of site search results per page now a configuration variable
  • New feature - Open in new window icon
  • Code change - Thumbshots enabled by default
  • Code change - Search page navigation improved
  • Code change - topic ID, alternative languages and displayname added to structure import
  • Code change - Search functionality moved from index.php to search.php
  • Code change - Template given a new look
  • Bug fix - See also categories used category_links template instead of alias_links
  • Bug fix - Meta template tags displayed when search phrase it too short
  • Bug fix - Blank entries in some categories get displayed
  • Bug fix - Block adult categories now blocks browse as well as search
  • Bug fix - 1 missing result in multipage search results
  • Bug fix - A null sitecount category inherited the previous category's sitecount

Version 1.3.2 - February 2004

  • Bug fix - Ampersands not urlencoded properly causing categories with an ampersand in their name to fail
  • Bug fix - Meta tag template variables no replaced when category lookup fails

Version 1.3.1 - January 2004

  • Bug fix - IMPORTANT - ODP attribution was malformed due to a bug accidentally introduced in version 1.2. If this is not fixed your site could be an ODP license violator.

Version 1.3 - January 2004

  • New feature - Thumbshots support to display a thumbnail of the site for editor's picks or for all sites
  • New feature - Category counting can now be run from a shell Perl script. This will take the load off the PHP script doing the work. This script only needs to be run once after importing the database.
  • New feature - Category counts in the live directory can be set to read only rather than dynamic counting for uncounted categories
  • Bug fix - Empty categories do not have a site count displayed next to them

Version 1.2 - October 2003

  • New feature - Now supports category moves (catmv)
  • New feature - Now includes highlighted sites
  • New feature - Category links, site links and search results are now all templated
  • New feature - Optional site count for categories. This can be quite slow the FIRST time a category is accessed (especially the larger ones) but the count runs from database for all subsequent checks.
  • Code change - Numerous changes to templates
  • Code change - Import scripts now give progress outputs to the shell
  • Bug fix - Extra slashes cause problems with breadcrumb trail
  • Bug fix - Number categories now added to alphabar

Version 1.1.1 - June 2003

  • Search change - ./index.php, ./includes/, Added a new search mode for fulltext on title only. This was done because multiple keyword searches on previous fulltext was far too slow, whilst this is not as fast as standard search it is much faster than the old fulltext mode (which is still available if needed). The import for fulltext mode 3 is the fastest of all three search modes.

Version 1.1 - May 2003

  • New Feature - ./test/dbi.cgi, added MySQL version retrieval so you can see if your version of MySQL is new enough for full text searching mode.
  • Bugfix - ./index.php, ./includes/, added checking to see if magic_quotes_gpc is enabled for the search.
  • New Feature - ./index.php, ./includes/, Added optional ability to use a full text search on links (MySQL 3.23.23 or higher but MySQL 4.0.1 strongly recommended with the following changes)

Version 1.0 - May 2003

  • First public release


If you come across any bugs or have any suggestions on how to make DWodp pro better then please feel free to contact us at

Known Issues

  • If you change the character set in header.tpl to anything other than UTF-8 then the foreign language parts of the directory will cease to work. This is because the ODP RDF dump is in UTF-8 format.






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