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RSS Library for .NET

RSS Developer tools for .NET • Visual studio 2005 & 2008 support

What is it?: Building on the many years of experience using RSS and Atom web feeds, Dominion Web offers an RSS Library for .NET. This is a class library, developer tool (DLL) for Visual Studio for the RSS and Atom specifications providing a reusable object for writing, parsing and auto-discovering RSS and Atom feeds. You can see the full potential of this library by looking at a trial version of our own RSS aggregator and reader application, NewsSeeker.


  • Parses feeds in the formats RSS 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and Atom 0.3, 1.0
  • No knowledge of XML required
  • Easily create your own feeds in a variety of different specifications simply by changing properties
  • Auto discover feeds on web sites
  • 100% managed code
  • Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 designer support
  • Use in desktop applications, Web services and web pages
  • Transform web feeds into other formats

How can I get RSS Library for .NET

Download Download RSS Library for .NET 2.5
Purchase Purchase RSS Library for .NET
Licenses from £74.99

The free trial version has the following limitations.

  • Parsed Feeds will be limited to returning the top two <items>
  • Generated feeds will only add two <items>
  • Auto discovery will always return no feeds found

The full version has no such limitations.

Samples are included in the distribution for Visual Studio 2008.

Latest version: 2.5(11th June 2008)

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008
  • .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher

How it works

There are three core designer tools available. These are:

  • RssReader - an RSS and Atom parsing tool
  • RssWriter - an RSS and Atom generator
  • RssDiscover - and RSS and Atom auto-discovery tool

Example: How to read a feed from the web

// Initialise
Dominion.Net.RssReader rssReader1 = new Dominion.Net.RssReader();

// Set the RssFeed object that will contain the feed properties
Dominion.Net.RssFeed rssFeed = rssReader1.GetFeed("http://some/feed");

// Output some properties of the feed
Console.WriteLine("Feed Title: " + rssFeed.Title);
Console.WriteLine("Feed Description: " + rssFeed.Description);

// Output the items retrieved
for (int i = 0; i < rssFeed.Items.Count; i++)
	Console.WriteLine(i+1).ToString() + ". " + rssFeed.Items[i].Title + " " + rssFeed.Items[i].Link);

Example: How to create a feed

// Initialise
Dominion.Net.RssWriter rssWriter1 = new Dominion.Net.RssWriter();

// Initialize the feed itself
Dominion.Net.RssFeed rssFeed = rssWriter1.initializeFeed();

// Initalize the items object
rssFeed.Items = new Dominion.Net.RssItems();

// Set the title of the feed
rssFeed.Title = "Title of my feed";
// Set the URL of the feed
rssFeed.Link = "http://some/feed";
// Set the description of the feed
rssFeed.Description = "Description of my feed";

// Add an item to the feed
Dominion.Net.RssItem rssItem = new Dominion.Net.RssItem();
rssItem.Title = "Item title";
rssItem.Link = "http://some/feed/link/;

// Set the feed type to RSS 2.0
rssWriter1.FeedType = Dominion.Net.FeedTypes.RSS20;

// Get the generated feed into a string
string feedContents = rssWriter1.GetRSS(rssFeed);

// Now create the same feed in Atom
rssWriter1.FeedType = Dominion.Net.FeedTypes.Atom10;

// Get the generated feed into a string
string feedContentsAtom = rssWriter1.GetRSS(rssFeed);

Example: Auto discover feeds from a web site
e.g. Auto-discovery is supported from a LINK HTML tag like: link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="http://some/feed"

// Initialise
Dominion.Net.RssDiscover rssDiscover1 = new Dominion.Net.RssDiscover();

// Get the list of feeds from a web page by sending a URL to the Discover method
Dominion.Net.RssDiscovered rssDiscovered = rssDiscover1.Discover("");

// Output the site name to the Console
Console.WriteLine("Feeds discovered on '" + rssDiscovered.Title + "'");

for (int i = 0; i < rssDiscovered.Items.Count; i++)
	Console.WriteLine(rssDiscovered.Items[i].Title + " - " + rssDiscovered.Items[i].Link);








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